• Easy application featured,
• Fast curing,
• When applied, it forms as seamless membrane without joints,
• Excellent elongation featured,
• Resistant to slack water and frost,
• Perfect adhesion on almost any kind of surface either with special primer usage or without,
• Product provides permanent elasticity between -40 °C up to +90 °C.
• Resistant to chemicals,
• Product can be used as joint sealant as well,
• Perfect mechanical features; tensile and tear strength, high abrasion resistance,
• With low modulus, it gives excellent substrate crack bridging features.

• Basements,
• Non-potable water tanks,
• Bridge platforms,
• Foundations,
• Bathroom, terraces and roofs (under tiles waterproof ing),
• Cut and cover tunnels,
• Concrete waterproof ing,
• Polyurethane insulation foams,
• Retaining walls,
• Gypsum and cement boards,
• Green roofs and f lower pots
• Light roof ing made of metal or f ibrous cement,
• Asphalt EPDM membranes,

20 Lt (A) - 20 Lt (B)
7,5 Lt (A) - 7,5 Lt (B)
Product should be kept for 12 months minimum in the original sealed packaging in dry places and at a temperature comprised between 5˚C and 25 ˚C. Once the packaging is open, the product should be used as soon as possible.