• Easy application featured,
• Solvent free,
• UV stable,
• Efficient elongation,
• Efficient mechanical resistance,
• Allows high traffic for vehicles and pedestrians,
• Vertical or horizontal application,
• Eco friendly,
• No accumulation after application,
• Non yellowish,
• Product provides the plant irrigation by feeding with rainwater.

• Indoor and outdoor f loor coating,
• Walking pavements,
• Site walkways,
• Sidewalk coatings
• Parking areas,
• Car parks,
• Open-closed garden decorations,
• Light pedestrian traff ic surfaces,
• Landscape decoration.

20 Kg
Product should be kept for 12 months in the original sealed packaging in dry places and at a temperature comprised between 5˚C and 25 ˚C. Once the packaging is open, the product should be used as soon as possible.